This all started back in 1986 when i was given my first IC Glider and the bug got hold of me and so my career started from that point we started building all sorts of models.

We was lucky enough to be asked to help in the TX tent at West Malling Show, which we had done for quite a few years, this lead us to having our very own plane in the show. A P51 Mustang and got joint first for best WWII warbird that then gave us the love for WWII aircraft.
By this time our son was taking a big interest in flying , and managed to pass his B.M.F.A B certificate by the age of 12.
after that we found ourselfs doing less flying and more building for him and over the next few years he entered a few shows with the models we had built

The models got bigger and bigger and we were lucky enough to purchase our first very large warbird and found yourself travelling to many shows through out the year

By this time he was flying with a team in WWII slots and we found the costs growing from year to year and decided to start MWMWARBIRDS to ofset the costs of getting to the shows over the next 4 years we found MWMW Growing all the time it started off as something quite small and then before long it had turned in to a business that had taken over the whole of our house.

We were approached about a unit in Rochester airport, which we thought would be a good step forward for MWMW as this is a base for full size aviation we felt it would fit in well with out modelling aviation. so now we have opened a permanent shop that is stocked and constantly growing with all the bits you could ever want.

The Airport has made us feel most welcome and we feel part of the airfield and our now looking forward to our future there as a family run business.